Sjimmie Veenhuis (1984)

Sjimmie Veenhuis makes installations in which he uses existing materials in their original form. Through the reinterpretation of concrete and recognisable visual elements of the material itself, the function of the substantive alienation in relation to our immediate surroundings becomes perceptible.

The installations made by Sjimmie Veenhuis are developed from logical choices that arise from the intrinsic characteristics of the material. These characteristics also form a binding framework and thus have a direct influence on the available possibilities and the final image.

The meaning of the artworks of Sjimmie Veenhuis often resonate with the surroundings and context in which they appear.

Wim Warrink (1983)

An investigative attitude is a personal quality that can be given shape. Logic and the laws of science fascinate me. They form the departure point for my ideas, and allow me to get a grip on the world and on my personal projects. I tend to deal with questions of scientific and philosophical nature in my own manner. In doing so, I do not look for an ultimate answer the way that a philosopher or researcher would, but instead I make these themes experienceable for myself and others. Because of this, posing “essential” questions is a starting point for me, and the authentic search for an answer can be the artwork itself. The path of wanting to know and to be amazed: knowing, researching, and coming back to the mystery. Answers of a purely scientific nature will not be found, but the riddle is revealed along the way. I bring a visual answer This is how it must be! This is the essence, of which I am convinced that it is necessary. This drive and mentality can be recognised in the image. By conducting visual experience, I attempt to gain new personal knowledge. The investigative attitude, and the adventures that I embark on, make that I do not know beforehand where it will end. The fight is honest and real, because I believe in it myself. It is not always clear what I am looking for. Once the search has begun, choices are made intuitively and reflectively, which should be both aesthetic as well as functional. The devices which are made have the goal to perform a task which would make the work lighter or easier. They often fail to meet the expectation. Through this failure, the idea of a machine is created. The basis for this machine is the failure of the previous one. Through this process, a family of devices has come to be. They are all related to one another. They are each of all my children. This is also the reason that they all received names that are partly descriptive of them. Force is a recurring theme. Pushing, pressing, pulling and twisting: it is all investigated in a very headstrong fashion. I recycle old techniques or methods, or create my own. Wanting to be an artist.